Temporal segmentation

Recurrence and self-similarity

cross_similarity(data, data_ref, *[, k, ...])

Compute cross-similarity from one data sequence to a reference sequence.

recurrence_matrix(data, *[, k, width, ...])

Compute a recurrence matrix from a data matrix.

recurrence_to_lag(rec, *[, pad, axis])

Convert a recurrence matrix into a lag matrix.

lag_to_recurrence(lag, *[, axis])

Convert a lag matrix into a recurrence matrix.

timelag_filter(function[, pad, index])

Apply a filter in the time-lag domain.

path_enhance(R, n, *[, window, max_ratio, ...])

Multi-angle path enhancement for self- and cross-similarity matrices.

Temporal clustering

agglomerative(data, k, *[, clusterer, axis])

Bottom-up temporal segmentation.

subsegment(data, frames, *[, n_segments, axis])

Sub-divide a segmentation by feature clustering.