Filter bank construction

mel(*, sr, n_fft[, n_mels, fmin, fmax, htk, ...])

Create a Mel filter-bank.

chroma(*, sr, n_fft[, n_chroma, tuning, ...])

Create a chroma filter bank.

wavelet(*, freqs[, sr, window, ...])

Construct a wavelet basis using windowed complex sinusoids.

semitone_filterbank(*[, center_freqs, ...])

Construct a multi-rate bank of infinite-impulse response (IIR) band-pass filters at user-defined center frequencies and sample rates.

Window functions

window_bandwidth(window[, n])

Get the equivalent noise bandwidth (ENBW) of a window function.

get_window(window, Nx, *[, fftbins])

Compute a window function.


wavelet_lengths(*, freqs[, sr, window, ...])

Return length of each filter in a wavelet basis.

cq_to_chroma(n_input, *[, bins_per_octave, ...])

Construct a linear transformation matrix to map Constant-Q bins onto chroma bins (i.e., pitch classes).


Generate center frequencies and sample rate pairs.

window_sumsquare(*, window, n_frames[, ...])

Compute the sum-square envelope of a window function at a given hop length.

diagonal_filter(window, n, *[, slope, ...])

Build a two-dimensional diagonal filter.


constant_q(*, sr[, fmin, n_bins, ...])

Construct a constant-Q basis.

constant_q_lengths(*, sr, fmin[, n_bins, ...])

Return length of each filter in a constant-Q basis.