You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at 0.10.2.


librosa.util.axis_sort(S, *, axis=-1, index=False, value=None)[source]

Sort an array along its rows or columns.

Snp.ndarray [shape=(d, n)]

Array to be sorted

axisint [scalar]

The axis along which to compute the sorting values

  • axis=0 to sort rows by peak column index

  • axis=1 to sort columns by peak row index

indexboolean [scalar]

If true, returns the index array as well as the permuted data.


function to return the index corresponding to the sort order. Default: np.argmax.

S_sortnp.ndarray [shape=(d, n)]

S with the columns or rows permuted in sorting order

idxnp.ndarray (optional) [shape=(d,) or (n,)]

If index == True, the sorting index used to permute S. Length of idx corresponds to the selected axis.


If S does not have exactly 2 dimensions (S.ndim != 2)


Visualize NMF output for a spectrogram S

>>> # Sort the columns of W by peak frequency bin
>>> y, sr = librosa.load(librosa.ex('trumpet'))
>>> S = np.abs(librosa.stft(y))
>>> W, H = librosa.decompose.decompose(S, n_components=64)
>>> W_sort = librosa.util.axis_sort(W)

Or sort by the lowest frequency bin

>>> W_sort = librosa.util.axis_sort(W, value=np.argmin)

Or sort the rows instead of the columns

>>> W_sort_rows = librosa.util.axis_sort(W, axis=0)

Get the sorting index also, and use it to permute the rows of H

>>> W_sort, idx = librosa.util.axis_sort(W, index=True)
>>> H_sort = H[idx, :]
>>> import matplotlib.pyplot as plt
>>> fig, ax = plt.subplots(nrows=2, ncols=2)
>>> img_w = librosa.display.specshow(librosa.amplitude_to_db(W, ref=np.max),
...                                  y_axis='log', ax=ax[0, 0])
>>> ax[0, 0].set(title='W')
>>> ax[0, 0].label_outer()
>>> img_act = librosa.display.specshow(H, x_axis='time', ax=ax[0, 1])
>>> ax[0, 1].set(title='H')
>>> ax[0, 1].label_outer()
>>> librosa.display.specshow(librosa.amplitude_to_db(W_sort,
...                                                  ref=np.max),
...                          y_axis='log', ax=ax[1, 0])
>>> ax[1, 0].set(title='W sorted')
>>> librosa.display.specshow(H_sort, x_axis='time', ax=ax[1, 1])
>>> ax[1, 1].set(title='H sorted')
>>> ax[1, 1].label_outer()
>>> fig.colorbar(img_w, ax=ax[:, 0], orientation='horizontal')
>>> fig.colorbar(img_act, ax=ax[:, 1], orientation='horizontal')