You're reading the documentation for a development version. For the latest released version, please have a look at 0.10.2.

Sequential modeling

Sequence alignment

dtw([X, Y, C, metric, step_sizes_sigma, ...])

Dynamic time warping (DTW).

rqa(sim, *[, gap_onset, gap_extend, ...])

Recurrence quantification analysis (RQA)

Viterbi decoding

viterbi(prob, transition, *[, p_init, ...])

Viterbi decoding from observation likelihoods.

viterbi_discriminative(prob, transition, *)

Viterbi decoding from discriminative state predictions.

viterbi_binary(prob, transition, *[, ...])

Viterbi decoding from binary (multi-label), discriminative state predictions.

Transition matrices


Construct a uniform transition matrix over n_states.

transition_loop(n_states, prob)

Construct a self-loop transition matrix over n_states.

transition_cycle(n_states, prob)

Construct a cyclic transition matrix over n_states.

transition_local(n_states, width, *[, ...])

Construct a localized transition matrix.